All Buti formats incorporate spiral structure technique® used to activate our deep core muscles paired with intentional shaking & vibration to release blocked energy stored at the cellular level. Primal movement, cardio dance + conditioning are seamlessly woven throughout balanced yoga sequencing to give you an ALL-IN-ONE workout that helps you transform your BODY + SOUL. The Bonus? You'll burn 600-1000 calories per class doing it.

Burn up to 600-900 calories per class at home.


“Why did I wait this long to find LIFE?! Finished my first Buti workout and it was incredible! The flow was amazing. So in love.” -Molly A

“I started 3 weeks ago. It is truly changing my life. The confidence I have in myself is not something I’m used to…” -Leah B

“The first workout that I feel free. Loving every minute of the journey. The moves and music are awesome.” - Denise P

Buti® On All Devices (COMING VERY SOON)

New apps across all platforms are on their way! In the meantime, Buti TV is currently available through your web browser - utilize Chrome Cast and Airplay to stream to your television.